blinded by the light

Quick spot for a really neat article about "shedding light" on adult literacy, programs and institutions (such as libraries). Places like these promote healthy reading habits for life - really excited that blinds look like a library card!!


i fought the law and the law won

Heres a piece i did for American Lawyer about jealousies between core and secondary practices, how they interact and how they are contained. The article had a lot of information, which made getting the right final image tricky and involved lots of roughs :) I was really happy with the direction of the piece and the AD was a real pleasure to work with.
more soon.
Heres some roughs
Thanks for reading, lots more soon.


Op-Edward Scissorhands

it was that title or Op-Edward Cullen.
So heres two recent Op-Eds for the LATimes, it started with one, then another was assigned the next day, both finals due the next day at noon. Needless to say it was a long night.
"Dunce" was about kids who are getting amazing grades but should be failing etc."Trophy" was about cultural inflation in relation to the oscars - how
the award has to reclaim what it means to win, from what it means to be popular.The Art director was the totally awesome Wes Bausmith. Thanks a million Wes!
Thanks for visiting. Jills in england for 10 days, im going crazy with boredom ...call me!!!



two spot jobs and two "just for funs"
first - a small spot for Time Out NY - they wanted a construction worker plugging his ears.
next a little spot for Macworld. They wanted a guy on an island, able to use his mac. I can do that! the issue is that working as small as i was everything needed to be a bit more graphic, so it was readable. kinda fun to breath new life into an exhausted metaphor
The last two are a bit unusual for me, but i was so happy to try some fun new stuff - first, a shirt design for Canadian hardcore band Comeback Kid - For their Australian tour i wanted simple, fun, graphic images - sort of trying on my "designers hat" (note to REAL designers - im sorry to EVER refer to myself as one of you...just give me this...)
and Finally, in the same vein, my good friend Greg has been putting on shows in Toronto for ages now and theres a big one in Feb. I happily did the poster for him to help promote it - again very graphic - but handled in a familiar way.
More editorial work up soon. Thanks for stopping by.


learn it

Yikes, Sorry we're already a week in without a post. I'll just make sure this one is long as hell. Its great to be here in 2010 - no sign of flying cars yet, or food in pill form - but maybe soon. This series (only a portion posted) was for AV's 2010 education package. Although I had a bit over two weeks to get all of these done - with other finals and the holidays that time quickly turned into latenights and early mornings. Im really trying to push my work this year - like make some great stuff - so i put a lot of time into the execution. Aside from a bit of tweeking / contrasting in photoshop almost 100% of these are painted. Im finding myself painting more and more, rather than screening and Im having a lot of fun doing it that way. Its nice when your process is refreshed. Lindsay, the AMAZING AD always has so many ideas and such great input. Im so happy everytime I hear from her. Anyway Im going to post lots of rough ideas and a few of the finals... split into two parts the article focuses on getting degrees online and the troubles w/ that - and also going back to school for an MBA - the pro's and cons. -

there were many many more - just to give you an idea of where i was coming from.
Heres a few finals:
balancing work w/ getting the MBA degree
being heldback by the persuit
digital assistance on the journey
Lots more to post this month, Plus Im thrilled to announce that Mark Smith (see links (for some reason i cant get the link to work here)) will be conducting interviews with me on Nonslick.
Im happy to have him on board.
Thanks for reading