Op-Edward Scissorhands

it was that title or Op-Edward Cullen.
So heres two recent Op-Eds for the LATimes, it started with one, then another was assigned the next day, both finals due the next day at noon. Needless to say it was a long night.
"Dunce" was about kids who are getting amazing grades but should be failing etc."Trophy" was about cultural inflation in relation to the oscars - how
the award has to reclaim what it means to win, from what it means to be popular.The Art director was the totally awesome Wes Bausmith. Thanks a million Wes!
Thanks for visiting. Jills in england for 10 days, im going crazy with boredom ...call me!!!


Chris Whetzel said...

Very awesome and to the point, Pete!

Juan Carlos Solon said...

I love the top piece!
Pete Ryan strong in 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yuta Onoda said...

Awesome pieces!! Just great!

pete ryan said...

Thanks guys!
I was really happy with these ideas, and it was an exciting experience doing Op-Eds!!