two spot jobs and two "just for funs"
first - a small spot for Time Out NY - they wanted a construction worker plugging his ears.
next a little spot for Macworld. They wanted a guy on an island, able to use his mac. I can do that! the issue is that working as small as i was everything needed to be a bit more graphic, so it was readable. kinda fun to breath new life into an exhausted metaphor
The last two are a bit unusual for me, but i was so happy to try some fun new stuff - first, a shirt design for Canadian hardcore band Comeback Kid - For their Australian tour i wanted simple, fun, graphic images - sort of trying on my "designers hat" (note to REAL designers - im sorry to EVER refer to myself as one of you...just give me this...)
and Finally, in the same vein, my good friend Greg has been putting on shows in Toronto for ages now and theres a big one in Feb. I happily did the poster for him to help promote it - again very graphic - but handled in a familiar way.
More editorial work up soon. Thanks for stopping by.


mark said...

Great stuff Pete, Comeback Kid are one of the best hardcore bands I've heard in years! Saw them over here a while ago.

Daniel Fishel said...

Cool stuff. I still listen to Turn it back around (ps. the guy who did that cover art went to my undergrad.)

s.g said...

I am sure this has been brought up to you, but I am guessing Greg's show is in 2010, not 2009.
I like the 2 illustrations pieces a lot.

pete ryan said...

hahahahhaha - no, it hasnt - take THAT greg!!

Yuta Onoda said...

Great pieces again!!

Dominic Bugatto said...

Solid selection of pieces, nicely done.