back to normal

This piece was for an article about looking forward to the olympics.
i really had fun doing this one - first time trying a few things - mostly the way the binochulars were handled.
its all painted etc. and back to regular size - about the size of a piece of paper.



just finished working on a poster for the band "wolf parade" which i will post soon - it was a collaborative poster with four other montreal based artists - one was good friend Jack Dylan (www.jackdylan.ca). Anyway the idea was an exquisite corpse - all of the styles are pretty different so it will be cool to see what people come up with - as their pats are covered until everyone is done. Other than that i have another cool piece that was about the olympics which will be posted in a few days.
thats about all thats new.

*edit* heres the poster - guess which part i did? I tried to illustrate myself in the small portion that i painted - the font looks bad - but i had nothing to do with that - infact the whole poster sort of looks bad - i think its hard for m not to be in total control of the finished product - i see too many things id change.
whatever though right.


the secret handshake

blessed is the secret handshake
acrylic...and pretty large.


finally posted

heres that blackberry piece finally posted - it was a really fun one to work on. the article was about investigating the new blackberry - you know like its features etc - i sort of pictured this hardy boys-esque scene with someone peering into this cavernous space thats actually where the screen would be. its a really big piece - gottab be over a foot and a half tall - so working this large allows one to really just screw around and get right in there. anyway, thats it -
100% acrylic...obv.