just finished working on a poster for the band "wolf parade" which i will post soon - it was a collaborative poster with four other montreal based artists - one was good friend Jack Dylan (www.jackdylan.ca). Anyway the idea was an exquisite corpse - all of the styles are pretty different so it will be cool to see what people come up with - as their pats are covered until everyone is done. Other than that i have another cool piece that was about the olympics which will be posted in a few days.
thats about all thats new.

*edit* heres the poster - guess which part i did? I tried to illustrate myself in the small portion that i painted - the font looks bad - but i had nothing to do with that - infact the whole poster sort of looks bad - i think its hard for m not to be in total control of the finished product - i see too many things id change.
whatever though right.


Peter Chan said...

nice poster! wow..there are so many little details in this piece...all done in acrylics? damnnn whats the size of the piece?

pete ryan said...

um - its pretty big - again - i just did one portion (the torso) - because i only ever saw the area i was working on in real life i only know what i did. and it was acrylic.

i'd actuall be a bit surprised if anyone ACTUALLY liked this - i dont really

Britt said...

I love Wolf Parade, so I love you just a little by association/default/complete coincidence.

Chris Coles said...

That's pretty wild, you all had to work from the same sketch? It looks cool to me. It really suits Wolf Parade.

pete ryan said...

Chris, it wasnt exactly the same sketch - there was a rough shape of a body that we had in out area - so i knew where the hips would be and the hand that i painted -
it DOES suit wolf parade too i supose - im still on the fence with it though

Hyein Lee said...

That is such an awesome painting. I love it!
I'm sorry you didn't like the piece, but it's really good.