finally posted

heres that blackberry piece finally posted - it was a really fun one to work on. the article was about investigating the new blackberry - you know like its features etc - i sort of pictured this hardy boys-esque scene with someone peering into this cavernous space thats actually where the screen would be. its a really big piece - gottab be over a foot and a half tall - so working this large allows one to really just screw around and get right in there. anyway, thats it -
100% acrylic...obv.


Ale Diaz said...

Nice tequi drawing going on, Pete! Why did u decided to throw him in the woods instead of like a city?

pete ryan said...

more like an explorer i guess ;)

vicki said...


this. looks. AMAZING.

keep doing these big pieces and come back and have a gallery show with me. please. PLEASE.
although this may not be a good idea. you'll make me look bad.

but really, this is great. awesome detail bruthuh.
and i agree with alej, you've turned to the dark side, you damn techie.


vicki said...

ps- i like the different types of shadows going on here.
the scribblies, the drop shadows, and the mild renderings on the coat, face, etc. me likes this direction.

josiah gordon said...

Looks good Pete, I like the idear, speaking of Hardy boys...

Did you know that Tom Cruise and Ben Stiller are going to be playing a bit more grown up version of the Hardy boys!? Me neither, kinda wierd, Stiller and Cruise...anyways, nice stuff, I sanded epai today, which is a Brazilian hardwood that we're installing on a deck in Toronto!

These are exciting times.


mike said...

i want to see you naked

you're kikin ass... glad to see u painting so much.