research world + food poisoning

Hey guys - just finished this project for research world - very tough article - one of the hardest ive worked on. Basically the article was about hows theres a growing, emerging middle class, and this middle class tends to have a set of universal shared values - like global freedom and a shared sense of direction. aside from the challenge, I had alot of fun - and really enjoyed working with the AD - Thanks Steve!!
Side bar - i somehow got food poisoning last night and woke up SO SICK. sucks. Hoping it will pass by tomorrow, when roughs are due...FML

this spot one was about the global freedom part...wwoooooo


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Leslie said...

well .... so sorry to hear you aren't feeling well ..... and really .. better a bit of food poisoning I guess than some other things ...... hope you are better soon!

I do love these illustrations tho .. love the braided inter-racial hand pointing north .... well done Pete!