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New piece for research world about the decline in revenue within the advertising industry. - to be a bit more specific its really a decline in the traditional markets. - I thought it would be funny to use a sandwich board - the most antiquated form of advertising i could imagine. theres also a focus on a change over to digital (see other roughs) - but i liked the idea Steve chose a lot - i feel it was more all encompassing. was really happy with the idea and execution. thanks Steve!!!
liked the "unraveling" idea
coulda been a pretty fun final too - considering the article


Juan Carlos Solon said...

Nice!! I really like the laptop idea the best.

Those roughs have something too them I dunno what but I cant stop starting at them. Am I weird

Nimit Malavia said...


I agree with Juan about the roughs, there's soo much charm to how simply their drawn and coloured. Web comic time??

pete ryan said...

Thanks Guys, I've been thinking about doing a web comic. Turns out if feel like people might laugh at some of my life's experiences. good idea.
Thanks :)