so, heres a new post - im still hunting down the cover to timeout new york - but this will have to fill the void. sorry ive been lax on posts lately - ive just be so busy. nonslick is going well - im hoping i can get people to comment more over there - i want it to have a total community feel. takes time i guess. anyway - this was for Go Magazine. we literally went through over 20 roughs - alot of them good ideas - they just wanted the right tone. in the end, they chose an idea alot like one i've done before. this sort of bummed me out, because i wasnt convinced it was the strongest idea i gave, and it was alot like another one of my pieces - but the art director was such a great guy and in the end i really believe this was the right piece for the article. the AD had the idea of keeping it black and white and accentuating one key element. in the end, im really happy with the execution. the article was about gaining profit from giving away free stuff. i LOVED the "tag - arrow" idea - so simple.

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brilliant Pete