I've started an illustration interviewing blog called Nonslick. My goal is to interview and there by learn from every illustrator i love and then share the interviews with peers and the illustration community. I wanted there to be a place that showcases talent, both old and new and finds out who the people behind the images are. This blog will be frequently updated, a few times a week at least, so please keep checking back. Chances are at some point if I've seen your work, i'll want to interview you.
But for now, please head on over and enjoy the words of Alex Nabaum.



Nimit Malavia said...

Amazing dude!!
I think it's awesome that your starting up this blog

it's going to be a sick inspiration hub!

Anonymous said...


check THIS one out.


Carlie Russelle said...

this is such a good idea.

Anonymous said...

give me a date and time, i'd love to check that out.