got sum' new stuff

And i'll be posting more of it soon, however in the mean time heres a new piece! it was for an article about a nagging girlfriend for "2 Magazine" - the magazine for couples. It was fun for me because i had total freedom. I gave alot of ideas, and was a bit surprised when this one was chosen - fun though. The colours always look "greyish, or mega saturated" when posted on my blog, but in real life i think it looks pretty nice. 2 different versions
lots of new stuff up soon!
thanks for coming by.


JuanCarlos said...

Keep up the hard work pete!!

Leslie said...

I'm grateful I don't recognize myself especially in the nagging one!!!

Anonymous said...

i'm digging the first version best yo!
keep it up (the hardcore band), pete.

pete ryan said...

thanks guys - i like the 1st one best too dave, really just screwing around