50 told me go 'head switch the style up...

n' if they hate then lettem hate and watch the money pile up.
This is an illo i recently did for Profit Magazine.
The AD was a great guy and really cool with feedback - we went through alot of roughs to get to this point and even a few after (the face looked less arrogant in some later versions). Anyway, the illo is for an article about getting more search engine hits for your website.
This illo gave a good chance to further push my style in some new directions - slow steps - i still want to retain "what i do" but keep evolving.
lemmie know your thoughts - i really had fun with this, and like how it turned out.


Anonymous said...

ooooh baby!

keep em comin' pete.

Leslie said...

toro! toro! toro! ... liking the new direction Pete while I appreciate your using your favourite colours as well ....

vicki said...

i like what you're doing with the lost edges, where you completely omit any outline and define edges with colour/shape alone. less and less line, bye bye pete i knew and loved.

bye bye.

but really, wicked-town.