i scream, you scream

New piece for the Utne Reader about the growing racial integration in many American neighborhoods. it seems for for many years now, white and black neighborhoods have become less and less segregated - partly because laws preventing Blacks from owning homes in White neighborhoods have been done away with - and also partly because of changing attitudes. Having a swirl icecream cone do the heavy lifting for me (race wise) was an easy and light hearted approach. - Didn't hurt that a cone can look so much like a house, either.
Really was a pleasure to be able to work with Stephanie and Utne. here are some roughs:
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Alex Nabaum said...

Pete, this is one of those brilliant simple ideas that solves a complicated and sensitive problem, the kind AD's love! Excellent!
Plus you can't go wrong with ice cream : ) Hat's off to you bro!

pete ryan said...

Thanks Alex, i was pretty pumped with it.

mark smith said...

I'm just echoing Alex's comments but you've taken a really tough subject and made it look easy! Great work Pete, merry Christmas!

pete ryan said...

Thanks a lot Mark, really appreciate it! Merry Christmas right back at you!

Justin Renteria said...

My boy's WICKED smaht! Have a happy Boxing Day!

Charlene said...

Loved these takes on race, Pete.
Not sure why I just thought of it now but you should look into "unlearn" as your work reminds me alot of what they promote on many different issues. Then again you may already be aware of unlearn philosphy.
Great work!