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This might be a really long post.
Basically, I want to share a couple of covers out this week, and then do my year end re-cap. I guess I'll start with this cover I did for the Broward New Times, about predatory charter schools - you know, the kind that really target "at risk" kids with the promise of a diploma, but dont deliver (and are corrupt to boot). I focused on a few different elements - this type of education being dangerous, the idea of profiting from churning out diplomas, and even a focus on "at risk" kids graduating. The solution that was chosen turned out to be really graphic - but man, i was totally thrilled with the solution - so clear.I also made a process video for this cover - you can check it out here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/17679720/Pete_01_169.mov - Here are some roughs below:Another Cover!
I also did the cover of Seattle Weekly, out today. The topic was the wide number of professional football players going bankrupt. Even people with 100 million dollar careers are retiring with no money, and often in debt! Jane Sherman was the AD for this one, and she came to me with an idea in mind - I was happy to see that come to life, but figured I'd pitch some of my ideas too:

Finally, I wanted to say some words about 2011. Illustration wise, 2011 was an amazing year for me. I added some dream clients to my client list, and made some pieces i am really proud of! Im continuing to try to employ my "do whatever feels right" approach to illustrating. Sometimes that means rendered images, sometimes a graphic approach. I'm not sure where this approach is going to take my work, but I'm eager to try as many things as possible, until something feels perfect. The big story this year has to be the community thats developed on twitter. I've made so many supportive and talented friends, and thats EXACTLY the industry I want to be a part of. Its super important to me to support my peers successes and triumphs, and that forum has been great. I also had the good fortune to meet many people in person this year and im happy to say the great people I've come to know online translate to great people in real life. You guys (and girls) are the best - Im fortunate to have such wonderful, and talented peers. Big thanks to everyone who has given me a chance to draw for them this year - i really appreciate it, and always try my best. Heres hoping the Mayans were full of shit, and 2012 is going to be amazing! The year of the Hobbit! And the Dark Knight Rises!! Thanks family, friends, Jill and Lox.
I love you all.


Anonymous said...

You're the best, Pete! Such great ideas. Your process is incredible - and I know the parts in the video aren't even half of your process (can we see a process video of you churning out those ideas?).
Congrats on such great work in 2011. See you in 2012!

pete ryan said...

Thanks so much Joel!! Really really appreciate it!!

leslie said...

such great work Pete! ...... and Lox says thanks for singling him out. He was deeply touched.

brezinka said...

Congratulations Pete! What a year you've had. An incredible body of work. Looking forward to seeing your work grow and change as you continue to challenge yourself in this year. All the best.

mark smith said...

Happy new year Pete! Fantastic work above, the pencil shark is just too good!

Alex Nabaum said...

Dude these ideas are ALL good!
Tough to choose!