one mans trash

is another mans treasure -
This was a rejected rough that i liked so much i wanted to make it my spring postcard.
Its hard to find the time to make promo stuff, so hopefully this does the trick :)
Thanks for reading, more soon.


Chanp said...

really badass piece, love how u treated the bushes and the colors as well.

s.g said...

What does it say on the other side for the promo?
can you post both side when finished?

ALSO - send me one.

Yuta Onoda said...

Looking great as usual! Great promo!!

pete ryan said...

Thanks Yuta, congrats on joining with Rappart - alot of heroes on that roster!!

mark said...


onĂ­rica said...

all the way up!

Marco said...

I like this a lot. You're smart.