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april fools!! disregard that title, more of a little game Im playing with analytics - speaking of which - i seeeee yyyyoooouuuuuuu.
...anyway - I recently did a Bunch of pieces for I.S.O&Agent Magazine (the magazine about credit card terminals and the people that sell them of course). The very nice AD approached me with some ideas - asked if i'd pitch some too and off we went. In the end the editor decided to go with their initial ideas (except for one) but I thought I'd post some of mine too. while Im not going to post everything (gotta save some for a rainy day) it was a fun project and I really pleased to have worked with them!!!
First -the coverThe AD gave me the brief of "struggling with cash" - the agents want cash and its difficult to get
There were lots of other ideas too.
Next, a spot about navigating the peaks and valleys / finding opportunity /shortcuts
this one was my idea!!!! heres some more roughs
currently being painted as a spring promo
lots of others, but this is already a longass post ... we'll do one more - save the rest for a later date
small feature about I.S.O's going global / expanding the global market - their pitched idea chosen (and not unlike one i've done before)
lots more ideas here too. Anyway, Thanks Galina - this was lots of fun!!!
more soon...


Chris Whetzel said...

Hey Pete,

Great work as usual! Love the idea of climbing the shadow. Can't wait to see the final!

Pam Anne Kenny said...

I concur, love the ladder shadow. you are S-M-R-T Petey!
(btw- love coming here cos I hear the Crüe in my head sing "kick start my arrrrrrtttttttt" in that crazy robot voice thing with guitar solo/drums bashing climax)

mark said...

That rolled up wad of notes is amazing, great skills Pete!

JuanCarlos said...

your on a ROLL!

pete ryan said...

Thanks a million guys!!!

Nimit Malavia said...


These are sooo iPad...wait that works right?

pete ryan said...

Works for me, thanks Nimit!!!