beam me up spotty

another spot - i seem to do a lot of these, someone has to right :)
for the stranger about their book advice column (advises love books or love advice...it involves love) anyway - this is graphically a lot cleaner than my usual work - its just that the size didnt lend itself to a lot of detail and i wanted it to be read without any trouble.
more messier work up soon. fo sho
i was REALLY hoping the "lady and the tramp" bookmark idea would be picked, c'est la vie


Pam Anne Kenny said...

i like the tramp! (usually the case in life)
people love hearts. that one is solid too

s.g said...

I prefer the tramp. ah well what do you do?

Daniel Hertzberg said...

If it was a half-page illo, that tramp thought would've been perfeto. You're dominating this editorial game man, completely dominating it. "YTMND"

Leslie said...

will you be my valentine?!?!?

I heart your work Pete!