hey, so i recently finished this...

it was for an article about carshares. the "prescription" for the car rental industry. super convenient, organized, and accessible. the idea was to show a parking lot (where the cars are available) double as a pill dispenser (for reasons such as its convenience - separation by days of the week, and ease of distribution. am i explaining this clearly ... hard to say - the idea has been swimming in my head for too many days in a row now.
anyway, the AD was a great guy and i found out through researching the mag that Devon Bowman does a monthly for them. He's a big hero of mine, so its neat to share a magazine with him. :)
tried some unusual stuff (for me) with this one including "cut paper" overlayed as lights. neat effect.
onward to other stuff.
thanks for checking up - in other news London is going really well - its cloudy alot - but great!!!


Leslie said...

great illustration Pete ... love the paper overlay idea too

Sandee said...

this idea is fantastic. great work