i dont get time to do as many personal pieces as i'd like - this was a rejected rough for a financial piece a while back. i took out the stern looking business man and replaced him with a kid. my idea was to title it "being a kid is hard" - although not sure if that really makes sense. Really wanted to push the piece to be super fun and childlike. i'm also very into gradients lately, so you'll be seeing more and more of them in my work in the coming weeks - or until i realize they dont look good.
thanks for stopping by.


JuanCarlos said...

Really cool that you developed a rough not chosen instead of leaving it forever forgotten.

Makes me wanna check some old roughs now! Awesome stuff Pete!

Julz said...

I think being an adult is much harder! :-P
Being a kid was fun and you had nothing to worry about ever.

I'm surprised it was rejected. It probably looked good with the businessman, no?

mark smith said...

Thumbs up on the gradients, nice!

pete ryan said...

oh, hey, thanks guys - like 90% of the things i do, i would change this completely - but its a fun exercise in trying new techniques etc.

Dominic Bugatto said...

Nice one.