somewhere, over the rainbow...

This piece was for Investment Advisor - the topic being "How much do investors stand to lose when interest rates reverse course?" - Sometimes financial pieces like this really get me excited because you really have to exercise, you know? here are some ideas i had - i really liked the speedbag one, like your investment takes a beating -
Chris Nicholls, The AD for this one came up with the idea of pushing the chosen image to the right to make room for the header - great idea Chris, it was fun to work with the negative spaceand the final (cropped a bit from the original, for your viewing pleasure)
also Chris' idea to have the rainbow run off the page.
Thanks for reading.


John W. Tomac said...

Really solid ideas on what can be a tough subject. I really like the speed bag and upside down guy, too. Rainbow changing course though is great. Final looks great.

pete ryan said...

Thanks John!