From the magazine that brought you bear doing the limbo...

Comes these little gems. Its spring, and that means I'm back working with Cottage Life. Ahhhhh Cottage Life, takers of my most outrageous ideas - so much fun to work with. First piece was about Loving your dock spiders ... or at least being buddies with them - I had some personal problems doing this piece - as I HATE AND FEAR spiders with all i have in me. But i put it past me and decided to soldier on - My first idea was my fav - I thought it would be funny to make the dock look like a bunkbed - where two bestfriends would be having a slumber party! just my luck, cl was already doing a feature on bunkbeds this issue, so it wasnt meant to be :(the best friend theme was pretty easy to run with though, and they ended up hangin' out on the end of the dock - enjoying the day.
The second feature was about the healing aspects of going to the cottage. good for your mind and body - the "prescription" aspect was a no-brainer.
final \/there is also a third, equally zany illustration in the issue - so pick up the mag to check it out.
Finally, big shout of and thanks to Dan, Dan, John, Kate, Jenn, Victo, Robyn, and Dadu - for showing me a great time this past week in New York. Hope to do it again soon :)


jillian said...

you are a maverick

Mariah Burton said...

Very nice Doctor's signature. I bet you could score some wikked meds with that.