double your pleasure

Heres two more pieces - a spot and a larger one -
First for Registered Nurses Journal - this article was about nurses helping and guiding people in difficult times, like death. nurses are always there offering hope and support. the article refers to nurses as "bridges" a lot - so that was the direction we ended up going.couple of roughs - i really liked this tissue idea -Second for Education Forum, about one particular school thats "lifting the veil" so to speak on why their students were not performing. through a number of infinitives teachers and volunteers were able to turn it around so that all students were doing well and actively participating. i wanted to show a blind being lifted on a classroom door - but the blind actually doubled as the window into what we see in the classroom. the part being rolled away shows students that dont care - are not engaged. the window beneath shows happy attentive students. took a lot of drawing for me to feel like it looks like the blind is going up, rather than down.there was something i really liked about leaving the hand unfinished -
some roughs, there were lots of others:Both projects were Art Directed by the fantastic people at Fresh Art & Design - really great group there!!


Yuta Onoda said...

Fantastic pieces Pete!!

pete ryan said...

Thanks Yuta!

mark smith said...

Twice in one day! I'm feeling that potency from here! Great work Pete.