water you doing

i like punns. ...wait, could that be considered a punn? hmmmmm.
anyway, to continue on with my previous rant Im ready to implement some of the changes in my work that i've been going on and on and on about these past nine months or so. here is my first step - with more changes etc. to come.
this piece was for the LAtimes, about, of all things turf. it seems in LA there is a real issue with having turf that can resist the suns heat. Grass scientists are slowly (and painfully) engineering a turf that doesnt need as much water and can handle sun in its place - (hence the illo). here are some roughs
i really liked this idea - was hoping it would be chosen - the grass snipping the hose like scissors
kinda obvious
...ha, oh and this little gem as well - there were more roughs too
anyway, onto the rough chosen and the final
playing with the idea of the sun replacing water from the watering can
and the actual final - there are a few open areas, left for text - all in all turned out really nice -
in the mountain of rough painting and "tests" i do im seeing the work being handled alot like the watering can - simular drawing and texture - but more 3D and line work that matches the image a bit more - eventually there will be a point where its 100% like this i think, but for now, im introducing it into my work. i'd love to hear any thoughts.


Nimit Malavia said...

WOW! what a sweet mélange of visuals!!

pete ryan said...

wow, how did you get the accent aigu??

Anonymous said...

the contrast between the flat lines/colors and the 3D painting style in the can are really stoking me.

i think if you keep going with this you can make it seamless!

great work.

Ryan Snook said...

Hi Pete,

I really like how you handled the watering can. keep going with it. I think you've got something great here.

pete ryan said...

thanks guys!

Leslie said...

I like the camel idea a lot ..... but the final is ok too!