we're a tightly knit group

so, this is the image of my fall postcard promo - forgive the slightly dull colours, IRL they look very vibrant, as I imagine they will also in print. This is the second time doing this image, this was actually the first piece I ever did for an idea that i loved- so I thought it was a great piece to "do right", kind of a full circle moment. On the back of the postcard it will say "I've re-invented myself" - a little reference to the slight turn my work has taken. If anyone would like a card just send me a message and I'd love to mail one out to you - oh, and i'll try to post an image of the cards in print.
lots and lots and lots of new work / ideas to post soon.


Michael Byers said...

Super cool ish brother. I like the new look. I'd love to get a card in the mail so I can post it on my bulletin board.

mark said...

Brilliant, makes me jealous! I'd love one.

Anonymous said...

you continue to amaze me...you think better than me, now. I'd also love a card, so I can display it. Great work!


pete ryan said...

Thanks a lot guys! I really really appreciate the feedback on this new work - send me an email with your addresses and consider a postcard sent!

Nimit Malavia said...

So SRS! Imma email you quick so i can get one IRL!

Sean said...

Love this piece, and the use of shadow to define certain spots instead of line works so well! The pink seals the deal for me, touches of offset vibrant colours is something I've been experimenting with too!

Yuta Onoda said...


Anonymous said...

Last two illustrations have been amazing.
You're on your way to the top man, no shit.

pete ryan said...

Thanks Dave, Yuta, Sean and Nimit!!!

Matt Hunter Ross said...

Nice work man.

By the way, your profile pic looks exactly like my 6th grade Halloween costume - nice!

Chris Whetzel said...

Hi Peter, I stopped by your site to check out your work. Very nice. Thanks for checking out my blog!

Enjoy the Day,

Anonymous said...

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