rough life

heres two of 5 pages of thumbnail roughs for a project im working on - just wanted to show a bit of process. this is pretty much what my sketchbook looks like

here is then 3 of 12 ish roughs i sent in with more refined ideas - unfortunately i was on a bit of a wrong path, the article - which was about bi-polar disorder seems ALOT like post partum - fortunately one of the ideas worked pretty well, which went to final, but we still needed an image for the spot that went with the main. the AD suggested focusing on the mothers feelings of social isolation, which i did here:

here is the final for the spot, i will post the final for the main ...i dunno...soon. the spot is about 2.5 x 2.5, all screened. it was fun!


Lionel Messi said...

טוב תודה לך נושא יותר נפלא

pete ryan said...

Thanks Lionel, great insight

Juan Carlos Solon said...

Lol Pete!!

Anyways I really like how loose these are! I never seen your prelim stuff before!!

vicki said...

peter thomas patrick ryan,
it's been too long since i creeped around here but as usual, looking good.

and word up to the roughs. good to see something of yours that ISNT ridiculously perfect and resolved. have i mentioned how much i loathe you lately? have i? cus i'm about to:

i hate you, pete.
and by hate, i mean love.
i am also a liar.

take care

Ryan Snook said...

Nice post, I like seeing the sketches. I really like the sketch of the woman climbing out of the shadows.

pete ryan said...

cool, thanks ryan!
yeah, i liked that one too, but the ad thought it was a bit too conceptual.
so it goes

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