...i cant think of a cool punny title for this one

this is a quick little turn around piece. the article was about reading, both how reading saves you money (in the sense that books are cheap) but also how it can save you money (you read about tips to spend better, handle your money better, and work with your finances). I then decided (after alot of ideas that didnt work or were cliche (book as piggy bank etc.) that it would be cool if the book also doubled as a cash register, as they handle alot of money, are a good symbol for money and transaction etc. cool job, and pretty fast from rough to final.
alot more soon.
thanks for stopping by!

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vicki said...

pete, this is my favorite thing of yours in a while, i'm sort of a huge fan of you doing a rough, quick and filthy piece.

love how offset things are, and the simple linework pleases me.

not to mention bloody brilliant.
love you pete, love you lots.