spot on.

heres one of the spots that went with a different article, but same series as the piece below. ...weird sentence. anyway - this went with a main that focused on leadership and another spot - i'll try to post those up with this soon, as well as the spot that went with the MBA article bellow.
heres the pull quote that went with this
"The classroom has become a laboratory where students are getting the experience they need."
I wanted to make this piece simple, and im tinkering with burning screens when im a little low on time. so, theres really no hand painting with this one at all - but i do really like it.
blah blah blah - im going to go enjoy the holidays!
I'll be painting a new promo that i'll post in the beginning of january , so - come back in the new year!
loooveeessss yaaaa!!!


bryce huffman said...

wait...what? So you emulsioned the screen? EXPLAIN YOURSELF!

pete ryan said...

thats right bryce, i bought the chemicals and such to be able to burn screens when i need to, this process is compairably really fast, so when time is an issue, i've been tinkering with this as an alternative. now mind you, im keeping the screens pretty basic, so the detail is still at a minimum, but when its a 3x3 inch spot i feel like simple is what im looking for.

irma kniivila said...

You are dangerously brilliant, sir.