2009 and I'm feeling fine.

So alot has happened for me in 2008 and thats awesome! I'm building a solid client list, im working really hard and i've been really happy with the way things have been going. But i'm ready for more. I want 2009 to be the most i've ever focused on illustration! I believe in it and love it! Im inspired by so many amazing artists! in no particular order heres a list of artists i love and owe everything to; Brian Cronin, Dan Page (aka like a billion other names), Phillip Nessen, Marco Cibola, Julia Breckenreid, Sandra Dionisi, Jillian Tamaki, Ken Orvidas, Alex Nabaum, Jon Krause, Daniel Bejar, Gary Taxali, Alexei Vella, Mark Cabuena, Josiah Gordon, Vicki Nerino, Nimit Malavia, Jack Dylan, Devon Bowman, Yuta Onoda, and Juan Carlos Solon. These guys (And girls)' beautiful style and ideas blow me away and make me want to make work on par.
I hope to get better and better in 09, and im gonna work like hell to make it happen. Thank you everyone that checks my blog, comments, supports me, hires me, and most importantly - inspires me.
Im off to scotland, new work up SOON!


vicki said...

oh pete
you're so neat
you cant be beat
now smell my feet

kick some ass in 2009 my friend. kick it hard. real hard...

Tracy said...

It's gonna be a great year...can't wait to see it...the Scots won't know what hit them!! Cheers, Pete! 'Til next time,

T xo

Harry Diaz said...

I can't wait to see your work progress! I have list of names of people who inspire me too and you are one of them! so rock on!

pete ryan said...

thanks man, thats a massive compliment!
i forgot to add tessar on that list - tessar is nuts.