run run run run, run run run away.

heres a main and spot i recently finished about how what runners think about while running effects their run - the main sort of focused on the "negative" aspects - the spot (and idea i was really happy with) about the positives


i really liked the idea of the thought bubble being a ball- the AD wanted something Ball and chainy - and i thought it was a perfect solution, but it wasnt chosen, i also really liked the laces brain idea - but they recently did a laces issue, so it was also a no go

heres the spot

heres the main final


Nimit Malavia said...

soo awesome dude!
I love seeing the roughs to final...
more posts like this, please

Leslie said...

it's great to see your new work Pete ... I too enjoy seeing your process with the roughs ... missing you in my sewing room ...lol

Tracy said...

When I first read the title I thought uh oh...but very nice work on running...as in the sport...not in reference to your departure...ball and chainy? So how's Scotland life treating you?

T xo

Peter Hong Chan said...

these colour pieces are sick.

love seeing the process as well.