4 of 6 ... or something like that ... i cant remember

this is a piece for the series im working on about the womans life.
this was about a small business she ran. in our conversations she told
me that although she worked hard and made money she was paying out what
she was receiving. almost like she was a filter for the money - it was being slipped into her hand on one end and slipped out on the other.

theres also a quick second of it in context to an ongoing project - there is type to be placed that i will post...once placed

i had alot of fun painting the money and hope to incorporate more stuff like that into my work.
all acrylic


Anonymous said...

where on earth do you find the time?

vicki nerino said...

you are a dickhead.
that is all.

ps- amazing, as always, pete.

Anonymous said...

See Please Here

pete ryan said...

damn you fenridal

Lesley Denford said...

Hey Pete, I found your blog on Josiah's links. Your work is awesome - love the slightly retro feel and great colours.

pete ryan said...

thanks so much for having a look!

Peter Chan said...

sick piece! love how u painted the bill too