hello friends...

leading in turbulent times

how to manage a nightmare boss

how to navigate the merger and acquisition minefield

Here is a new series recently finished.
This is the first work I've done in a really long time thats had sort of literal solutions instead of conceptual ones, and you know what? i really had alot of fun!!! the AD was really great, he had some fun ideas and is such an easy guy to work with. I had initially come up with some neat conceptual solutions, but i enjoyed the whimsy of these ideas more. Either way, heres the series. lemmie know what ch'all think, and as always, thanks for visiting!

post script - these images include the bleed and the area for text, example in the mine on there will be text in the bottom left. etc.


Peter Hong Chan said...

very nice! love these pieces, great story telling.

vicki said...

looks amazing pete.
your colour choices always please me. i love the green in #3 with that yellow, red, blue next to it. good and strong.

and that boss made me pee myself a little, like the off kilter desk underneath him. super expression of MADNESS in his non-eyes/

and holy crap wind.

looks great my friend. friggen great.

Tracy said...

They're fabulous Pete! I love the leading in turbulent times best...really puts a great visual to that concept...awesome job! Cheers! T xo

Anonymous said...

kill-ling it. fuck am i ever jealous.