not my best title, but one that kinda has anything to do with the post for a change. This was for an article about this really crazy psychological syndrome exclusive to hollywood - where up and comers are defining their happiness by their success in the industry - they're obsessed, as their careers wane, they'd rather be DEAD than obsolete. to start, i sent alot of roughs - i liked this article and it seemed full of potential visuals, heres a small selection of favourites:i really liked the idea of being "tripped up by fame" - like not seeing it coming (star is on of those stars on the sidewalks)also really liked the idea of the would be star being pierced through the heart be the attention, because in essence thats what happens
falling into the spot light

taking a shot at fame
and finally a descending staircase in a red carpet. - the final they decided to go with
after some back and forth and a more refined rough it was decided that we'd have the red carpet going over a cliff - a more immediate, easy to read, and understandable solution - im all about understandable. It was fun to work with Paul, hes the type of person that i can tell is a nice guy in real life. anyway, more work soon-ish - everyone thats going to the ai party have an amazing time, i will jealously be looking out the window that night - thinking of you all.
oh, heres the final:


Yuta Onoda said...

Great piece!! I really like this one a lot!!!

Sam said...

wow, this is super cool! as much as i love the final piece, i really like the tripped up by fame sketch too :) great work!

pete ryan said...

felt the exact same way sam, thanks!