Sea Quest

For the last couple months I was doing a regular spot for MoneyWise in the UK. it was for an ongoing feature about first time investors, and following them all the way up to experienced investors. The AD wanted to continue with a nautical theme - guy in boat, etc. sometimes these illustrations are great opportunities to make a well traveled metaphors a bit more fun with the way you draw. We decided to go with the (reoccurring) character happily trekking across a sea of ticker tape. As much as i love super clever conceptual solutions, Im learning to love making more fun, narrative work too.
Heres a couple of roughs - there were a bunch of nautical themed ones, these focus a bit more on mixing in varried amount of new investments and investment growthIt was a great pleasure working with you Mark - thanks for the fun!!


Daniel Fishel said...

Whoa! Any of those solutions would work. Great stuff Pete.

mark smith said...

Brilliant! That dj image would have looked amazing too.

pete ryan said...

thanks guys