This idea took almost two days to come up with.
I know, its crazy to spend that long concepting for a project - but sometimes its the only way its going to happen. a few weeks ago I was approached by UofT's law magazine "Nexus" to illustrate an article about finding a balance between the consumer/investor/corporate vs. citizen interests. The article stated how, due to a larger amount invested politically - consumer and corporate interests tended to be heard over that of the average joe. My job was to show the citizen finding room for their voice within this - thought it would be clever to take the lines from a bar code and use them as speech lines. not only does it take some space from the corporate, but gives some to the citizen. This was NOT AN EASY idea to come up with. i spent one full day working on it - and when i went to review what i had come up with, realized it was all crap and started again. at one point i thought about giving up illustration all together as i had "lost it". I freaked out, threw up my hands, then, like always - picked up the pencil again and went back at it. Another day went by (at this point the roughs were due the next day ... along with other projects) and finally, some good stuff. And thats what made getting some good ideas feel awesome - because it was so hard. correction - it IS so hard. the only shortcut is sitting at your desk, swearing to yourself, hating everything - until, ultimately, it works out.
At least thats my process.


Nimit Malavia said...

Brilliant idea Pete!
This post was really inspiring to read.

Álvaro Laura said...

But it worths, doesn't it? I don't know if you know Pablo Amargo, a spanish illustrator famous by its smart concepts as well as for expending a lot of time looking for them:


And other guy awesome as well, but this time more related to art:


Hope you like them!

Daniel Fishel said...

Great Idea Pete! It's refreshing to hear when an illustrator comes out and says that they really work to make a piece a really great idea.

pete ryan said...

thanks for the links Álvaro! - Neat stuff - also thanks for the comments guys, i was really proud of this solution

mark smith said...

Sounds so familiar!! Sometimes the concepting is a real grind, sometimes it comes easy. This is one to be proud of though, worth every second of the hard work, really well done!

Mariah Burton said...

I really appreciate hearing about the challenges that talented folks like you have. It's reassuring. And your final is amazing.

pete ryan said...

Thanks Mark - and Mariah - I'm sure everyone struggles with something. Illustration SHOULD be hard, i think. you know you're challenging yourself that way. Thanks again.