first of 08'

so its 2008. hence the title of the blog. this is the first finished bit of illustration i've done. its for the cover of the magazine "travis". the two main focus' of the month of february are "going green" (ways of becoming more earth friendly) and valentines day. the challenge was to synthesize the two to create an image that speaks of both.
im very happy with the way the final turned out and will post a jpeg of it when its placed within the context of the magazine.
s'all acrylic.

added recently is the in print version of the illustration. to really fit travis i worked into it digitally a bit and really saturated the colours. the whole idea is to make people want to pick it up.
its different from the origional in some ways but in alot of way i think its just stronger. hopefully it will be effective


Anonymous said...


i hate you...

tell me you didnt hand brush that line-work.

pete ryan said...

handbrushed buddy!

Anonymous said...

i need to know a few things.

1. what kind of acrylic and brushes do you use?
(because your lines come out really opaque and solid)

2. do you use some sort of ruler or edge for your linework? because i have a super hard time believing any human can paint a line that straight without aid.

3. the backgrounds and different color sections have a screen printed/ weird sort of squeegeed texture? what the fuck?


i promise i wont steal your tricks, i just have to know.

pete ryan said...

1. I use liquitex pretty much all the time. i think it has more or less a perfect consistency - my good friend and flatmate josiah and i often discuss when this particular paint gets to the "sweet spot" - its this point when its still totally opaque but really fluid. just add water ;) .

2. 99.5 % of the lines are free hand - sometimes if its a long line to save time i'll tape out an edge - but i really love the focus and obsession involved in perfect looking vector-esque lines. it usually takes 5-7 hours for the line work and at the most 2 for everything else, ha!

3. everything other than the lines are screen printed and given "effects" like wood texture etc with various around the house items - i like it to look as textured as possible. sometimes i also do ghost screens. sometimes 3 or 4 layers of different colours , then taking parts out - just to get depth.

anything else ever just ask and im happy to let you know. - im sure i'll hit you up sometime soon too.