this is a 5"by5" spot about rabies. essentially the article discussed ways of getting rid of rabies through information and education.
i thought it was cool to "erase" the problem.

theres also an alternate version


vicki nerino said...

dear pete:
this looks wonderful. faboo chalk effect.

love comma from,
vicki nerino.

Anonymous said...

the version with the border is definatley more badarse.

Anonymous said...

ps. check out my pete ryan immitation peice i did!

Yuta said...

amazing piece!!
the chalk effect looks so good!
how did you do it??
makes me wonder...

pete ryan said...

thanks bros
the chalk was a bit of a challenge - i broke white conte into white acrylic and layered it up and up - before it dried i would remove parts of it with a chunk of rubber.

dave new stuff looks dope.
vicki i love you more than you'll ever know

Anonymous said...

yeah man i tried to use your 'ghost screen' technique and failed miserably. looks like if you tried to make a painting on speed or something.

i'm doomed with a shaky hand for life :(

Anonymous said...

this is dave btw

Peter Chan said...

hey great job on this man! love the chalk effects as well. also wanted to say ur cover for travis magazine rocked. definitely one of the best covers.