Heres some more spots for the big project I mentioned earlier (see two posts down with the hand)
some fun ideas and a great project. all 6 pieces were painted in 4 days - so it was pretty hectic and involved VERY little sleep - but it was great fun and i was really happy to be doing it.
The thing i like about spots is that they have to be really clear because they're small - so you weed out a lot of whats unnecessary. a few of them required white backgrounds which always makes me worried they wont look "finished" but in this case i think it worked out well. It was awesome to work on one project that ranged from realistic painting (hand one) all the way to super graphic (foam finger)
Thanks to Mary the wonderful, wonderful AD.
1. about teamwork:2. about business selling themselves (pumped about this idea - the pinstripes as a barcode)3. getting ahead with referrals 4. this one was a bit bigger - about the changes computer technology offerI also got some good news this week that a few pieces i did got into the 3x3 pro show - I dont really enter awards annuals so this felt awesome!
finally - big shout out to Jill - whos work was featured in ELLE magazine this month!! Very proud of her!! See more here: www.loveheadmistress.com


brezinka said...

You just keep getting better! I love all of these. I saw your name on the 3x3 list earlier this week . . . 1 of my pieces also made it into the annual. Congratulations Pete!

mark smith said...

Congrats on 3x3, well deserved. Great work here too Pete, love the barcode pinstripes.

Nimit Malavia said...

These ideas are fantastic and beautifully executed!!

Congrats on 3x3...keep going Pete!!

Yuta Onoda said...

Great! Congrats on 3x3!

pete said...

Thanks so much everyone - i really appreciate the kind words!

pete said...

oh and big congrats Wayne!!!