Run away train, never coming back

Heres a piece i did last month for New Jersey Monthly about this train line called "The Dinky". Its this really little train thats been running to Princeton since, like, 1839 and its going to be replaced with a bus service. The article title "Death of the dinky" really says it all - making the solution of a train speeding into a tunnel / grave a pretty obvious one - they are the same shape after all. Pretty sad article considering its rich history. Very rarely do i have to paint things that looks like they do in real life, so this was a fun challenge.
I have to say too, the AD for this was THE COOLEST.
Gregory is a former hardcore kid, still straight edge, and we've had a lot of fun talks about music, concerts etc. Really hope i get to work with him again in the future, but in general, all around super rad guy!!
some roughs:
there were lots of other "death / grave ones"


JuanCarlos said...

Good GOD this is amazing

Yuta Onoda said...

This piece is soooo amazing!!

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pete ryan said...

thanks you guys!

Dominic Bugatto said...

Really liking this one, nicely done.

brezinka said...

Man...you are deep ocean of ideas Pete! Love this! Keep it up . . . good work.