Baby New Year

2011 Whaaaaaaaaaatttttuuuuupppppppp!!!!!
I did this series for Alberta Venture over my break. I love working with them and usually get to do one big project for them a year. This one was about companies franchising!
The main image was just showing business franchising - i wanted to show everyone "in it together" as well as showing a clear leader. I was really happy with the solution, as a sidecar (or a bunch of them) seem to fit these requirements really well :)I also did a bunch of spots for this project -
one about how businesses get further with multiple revenue sources rather than one:
another about selecting valuable property locations among the bad / toxic onesI LOVE this crown / trap idea - it originated with another project I was also working on, but worked great for this too.
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jillian said...

one of my favs of 2010!

JuanCarlos said...

dude,DUDE, DOOD lovin the way your work is going these days!! You'll kick 2011's ass!

pete ryan said...

Thanks Juan, right back atcha! The "horse" pieces you posted are amazing.
Thanks also to Jill!

Nimit Malavia said...

These are all GEMS!

mark smith said...


pete ryan said...

Thanks guys!

Dominic Bugatto said...

I recently did a big job for them as well , been waiting 3 months to get paid , hope your situation was better .

BTW -nice spots.