Two new pieces for Canadian Wilderness - the article was about composting - and its insane, numerous benefits. the first image was a full page, but i've cropped some image on the left where text went - my idea for this was partly inspired by Indiana Jones and the Ark of the Covenant - the scene where the guys face melts off - only, i guess in this case, the opposite.
Then the spot which addressed compost as "Gardeners Gold" and treasure - Lots of fun working on these! couple of ideas below


Nimit Malavia said...

The Sanctuary rough is great too! Would love to see that one done up!

John W. Tomac said...


pete ryan said...

Thanks Guys!!
it was a fun one to paint -
Nimit - had my fingers crossed for that one!

Dominic Bugatto said...

Nicely done .

Anonymous said...

I really like this, Pete

mark smith said...

Brilliant, love the plug image too!