Mixed metaphor

did this piece for Phoenix magazine. the topic was about many mental health treatment centers being closed by the state, due to lack of funding. The people have no place to turn. The AD wanted to show "slipping through the cracks, and no safety net - as a metaphor for what was going on. - i thought it would be cool to show someone drawing in parched land, like water - the cracks could take of the characteristics of water - they liked that idea - but preferred to show the person slipping through these cracks, rather than drowning in them - they also decided to combine that with another rough, that showed a wall of people neglecting a patient - their clothing mirroring the state flag.Im always nervous to combine metaphors, but i think these two work pretty well together.
here are some roughs:


John W. Tomac said...

Nice! These two two ideas work quite well together.

Yuta Onoda said...

Nicely done!!