Cape Breton

Style section cover for the Washington Post, about how female leads (such as the ones in Action or Super Hero movies) are actually hurting strong females in other roles, like Rom-Coms for example. Leads in the types of movies are being punished for their strength, unlike their superhero contemporaries. The initial direction was much like what you see below - but Allie the AD suggested that it would be a bit nicer if the superhero woman was reaching back to offer a hand to the drowning woman - rather than ignoring her:
 So, it made sense to show the scene from behind - Allie also suggested we have the cape flow off the page like water, and perhaps we could see the front of the woman drowning, rather than her back - two good suggestions! that brought us to the final you see above. Thanks Allie!!!
 and some of the rough ideas that didnt make the cut:

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