Feathertales from the crypt.

Had a lot of fun working on these narrative pieces for Lee Wilson, and his literary love child Feathertale. I almost never do work that isnt built off of some conceptual punch line - so this was an extreme challenge - and fun too. I did a bunch of pieces in the beautifully designed issue - but heres 3 that worked the best. First - about a tenor who sings out of his ass and burns down a theatre killing himself and everyone else. my sketches initially were nothing like this - but I worked with Lee on building a scene, rather than an image. Also, because it was printing in black and white i had fun making this with a photocopier.  Second image was about the death of a tycoon - same process. Finally, about a poet assassin - and this way maybe the closest the pieces came to my regular work -

Big thanks to Lee for giving me a chance to spread my wings a little.

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