Got this covered

I have a couple of covers out there this week -
The first comes from Westword, and the wonderful AD Jay Vollmar.
Jay came to me with his idea already in mind (I'm pretty sure he has a bit of a reputation for smart ideas) - The cover focused on cronyism and an unending stream of corruption in the city - and Jay's concept was perfect - two hands in an infinite shake. I've been pretty into Deco period work lately, and really wanted to get across a "stately, old Fortune magazine" type feel to it. Sometimes (rarely) a piece turns out exactly how you want it to. a perfect mix of graphic and painterly.
I added the cover type for effect - but Jay's layout is better (cant seem to find a large enough version of it online) - couple of ideas below:Also - I was asked by Miami New Times to do a cover for their feature story about doctors who remained in Haiti, helping repair it - here were some concepts -They also pitched their own idea which i mocked up - in the end they ended up going with one of mine: (seen here with mocked up type (theirs is nicer))and then I got some good news that the story was also being run by Broward New Times, and the AD Miche had picked the Miami editors idea, to put on his cover - neat! Here it is below:I paint a lot of hands - so its fun to try new things all the time.


Hyein Lee said...

Wow... two covers in a week! Awesome! Some great ideas here :D

Mariah Burton said...

Holy hell. Hands down, the best hand painter. You've got hands down.

mark smith said...

The graphic/painterly images are my favourites of yours Pete, there's a really strong look to them, love it. The kissing ass rough made me laugh too!

pete ryan said...

Thanks Mark,
they're mine too - i'm really feeling my work being split down the middle between these types of images, and the more ... cartoony work. (how else do i describe it)