One punch death

Cover for this weeks City Pages. The story is about a man who ends up in a drunken bar fight, punching a guy once, and killing him. It was kinda tricky to find the right concept because it was important to be sensitive to the victim, i didnt want to depict him at all if i didnt have to. Its also not like the man meant to kill him, it was a total accident - and he's paying for it with jail time.
In the end everyone loses, which is a good reason not to fight, i suppose.
The chalk outline cast like a shadow seemed like the right solution - i liked the connection it suggests. The AD was clear he wanted something pretty graphic - had to channel my inner Tomac to get those shadows right ;)
Couple of roughs as well, there were lots more:


Brian Taylor Illustration said...

Great cover. I like the guy in the fist jail as well.

Justin Renteria said...

Great work, Pete! I used to box, so I know how even one punch can affect a person. Very sad.
And that's a very sinister look in the post above!

pete ryan said...

Thanks guys!
Yes, sinister indeed Justin!