playing catch up -

I have been a bit lax on posting recently - sorry - summer is always a busy time, but im going to make an effort to catch up on some recent projects -
the first was a spot for american lawyer, about the rise of minority lawyers - well specifically, how minority lawyers are slowly coming out of the shadows and reclaiming some space. things are getting a bit more even ... well they're not - the gap is still mind bending, but a little better all the time.
Next was a piece for inside counsel about electronic contracts - those little "i agree" buttons that everyone clicks without consideration are actually enforceable by law. Only, they arent, really. the contracts are easy to break. people even agree knowing they wont follow through. Trying that whole juxtaposing real and graphic with questionable success. fun piece though, i like remembering how fun it is to get a piece a bit messy.some roughs: (was really hoping the fingers crossed one would be picked - oh well!)

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