light in the dark

every few months i seem to do a fairly large set of illustrations for Alberta Venture. more and more i've seen the piece i do for them deviate from regular business illustration. This piece was for a big package i did on trade shows. I've wanted to do a more ..."surreal" piece for a while, and usually offer sketches of that nature, but they're almost never picked. This time Lindsay (the AD)took a shot! the subject was little trade booths stealing the focus from big booths - i had this idea that all the lights could be on the little table, and added a fun touch by tying the lights together, like a curtain. initially, i had the small booth featured very large in the drawing, but Lindsay suggested really zooming out, and showing the other booths looming. i was nervous, because i dont normally do such small figures w/ so much background - but it was an awesome bit of growth, and i really appreciate her pushing for it!


Anonymous said...

I really like it, Pete
reminds me of the garden show...some of the booths could of used your idea.
Nice Work.

marksmith said...

Great work Pete, hope you're well mate!

pete ryan said...

thanks both! Mark, hope you're well too, mate