Zen, and the art of painting on a deadline.

This week I was fortunate enough to work with my ol' buddy Wes at the LATimes about how music (and specifically your playlist) can influence your mood. Initially, i approached this all wrong - giving more attention to music over playlist to convey a sense of calm - I focused on things associated with music, like raising your lighter for an encore, or playing a record.
However, Wes seems to have infinite patience for me missing the mark. He suggested relooking at my ideas, but incorporating the idea of a playlist - and this could be done easily by showing the type of mobile device we carry our music on. There were a variety of ways i could show an ipod type device - and shows its effect of peoples mood, thoughts and relaxation. After a few more attempts we had more than enough good ideas, and decided to show our 3 favorites together in a fun sort of triptych.
music effect of your thoughts, your peace of mind, and your body.
Thanks Wes!


Alex Nabaum said...

Too bad it had to include the playlist, because the lighter lotus is so awesome!!

pete ryan said...

I know, eh?!

brezinka said...

great thought process and end result.

Justin Renteria said...

Wes is great, isn't he?
Well done, Pete!