when the love is gone, and the lights go down

Had so much fun working with Tom Carlson while he has been briefly taking the reigns at the Dallas Observer. He had a story for me about major Texas power suppliers running out of money and power due to greed and deregulation. To compensate for this they hike the price way up during peak usage. further to this, many plants are being shut down, as they are in no way meeting EPA regulations on health and safety for themselves, and neighboring states. rather than clean up their act (because they've pissed all their money away) they're lobbying against the EPA - blaming THEM for the shortages and high cost. For the cover, i wanted to paint the light bulb so that it was just on the edge of burning out - the filament was starting to burn and brown the glass. Tom mentioned that he wanted the darks dark - so i tried to carry that through to the other pieces too. This inside piece was actually considered for the cover - would that have been amazing!! still, i feel very fortunate to have been given a green light to make it at all - it sits on a full page on the inside - and is basically a comment on Texans taking it. - last image was a spot that was meant to show the blame aspect - liked how the pointing arms doubled as part of the hydro tower. really fun project!!


Yuta Onoda said...

WOOOW!!! What a beautiful cover! Well done Pete!! :)

Anonymous said...

Really neat ideas, Pete.

pete ryan said...